Personal Loan, Benefit, Buypass and more

Here is a review of explanations of what terms such as Dadarts Personal Loan, Beneficiary, Buypass are for. There is a whole sea of ​​words and phrases in the internet jungle and keep track of and not everyone knows the rating of them.
This is Dadarts Personal Loan:

Dadarts Personal Loan can be explained

Dadarts Personal Loan can be explained

As a personal electronic identification for secure identification and signing online. Dadarts Personal Loan is provided by the banks in Norway and is based on a coordination developed by the banking industry under the auspices of the Financial Industry Main Organization and the Savings Bank Association.

Secure identification and signing online means that you, as a customer, do not have a personal attendance for identifying and signing documents. In a short time you as a customer can

What is favoritism?

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The favor is to give some benefit or favor to the payment of, for example, life, accident or sickness insurance. The policyholder grants the right to the payment of the sum insured to the beneficiary when the policyholder himself falls away. What is meant by inspection? This is physical inspection of an insurance item before or after an injury.

What is meant by bonus system? Rules for promotion or relegation in the companies’ bonus rises in car insurance. What is meant by bonus? The bonus system aims to reimburse drivers who are not exposed to injury and, consequently, do not burden their insurance contract with damages.

New customers over the age of 18 get a 20% start bonus. Thereafter, the bonus increases by 10% for every year one runs without injury until one has reached 70%. At five years of damage-free driving of 70%, a maximum bonus of 75% is achieved.

In case of damage covered by your own company will lose a bonus. Customers who have had a 75% bonus for six years or more do not lose a bonus on first injury.

What is buypass? Buypass can be said to be a good solution for secure authentication, signing and payment via the Internet. To use the solution, you must have an electronic ID. It can be in the chip on a Smart card or in a mobile phone. You order the smart card from a card issuer, for example Norsk Tipping.

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