What is moneyback?

Wondering how you can earn money while spending money? It turns out that a bank account with moneyback can help you with this! We’ll tell you what the moneyback account is all about! Do you want to know more? Read on!

How does moneyback work?

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What does moneyback service look like in Poland? Moneyback, as the name suggests, is a service offered by specific banks, according to which a customer who decides to use it will receive a certain amount of return from the bank in exchange for performing non-cash transactions.

What does this mean in practice?

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What does the moneyback return look like? It is an individual matter, depending on the offer of a particular bank, but usually the service consists in the fact that if you, as a bank customer, perform non-cash transactions, the bank returns a specific part of the money spent in this way.

But, but … before you start rubbing your hands at the thought of additional money on your account, make sure that your bank offers the moneyback option, whether you can use them at all and on what terms it would work. Be sure to check, among other things, what non-cash transactions are covered by the moneyback return.

Where is the best to decide on the moneyback service?

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We already know what the moneyback service is, so the next question arises: how to choose the best moneyback account? What, among other things, should you pay special attention to when analyzing individual offers?

  • First of all: check what moneyback looks like in individual banks and, most importantly, what moneyback banks are proposing.
  • Secondly, make sure that you can use a similar solution at all and on what terms it will be possible.
  • Third: analyze what are the terms of use of the moneyback service in specific cases – what non-cash transactions is the refund for?
  • Fourth: look for information on how much is returned?
  • Fifth: compare how much you will pay for your personal account and moneyback card?
  • Sixth: find out what the maximum sum of the refund can be?

Do not make hasty, ill-considered decisions. On the contrary, check what conditions moneyback banks propose, compare them and think about what solution will be best for you. For whom can the moneyback payment be a special treat? First of all, for people who often carry out cashless transactions.

moneyback can be an interesting option, if in your case the lion’s share of transactions are non-cash transactions. The service assumes that the bank will refund you a certain amount of money from such transactions, but remember – make sure what non-cash transactions are covered in a particular case by moneyback.

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