Why you should put a cover on your swimming pool

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Putting on a pool cover is an easy measure that can sure save you a lot of money in the long run. Most people think that swimming pool covers are only for the winter months because that’s when we would want to use them, right? You might be surprised to learn that a pool cover is something you need to use all year round. Get more information about just why that is. There isn’t a time when your pool shouldn’t be covered unless you’re using it, cleaning it, or performing some maintenance.

Pool covers keep debris from falling into the water

As every pool owner knows, debris is a real problem. You can’t help but eventually find something floating in the water. A pool cover reduces the risk of something getting into your water. The main purpose of pool covers is to help keep debris out of the pool. You should always use a pool cover every time you aren’t using your pool. It will keep all kinds of debris from falling into the water and harming the pump. Also, you’ll spend less time skimming the water if you put a cover on your pool.

You’ll spend less money on chemicals to treat the water

Cleaner water means you need to use fewer chemicals. Pool covers reduce the number of chemicals required to keep your water clean. The most noticeable effect is that you use to treat the water. You can bring down your chlorine or other chemical levels because pool covers will reduce the amount of debris that falls into your pool. It also blocks the sun and keeps your water at a more constant temperature. That means fewer algae, and you’ll use far fewer chemicals to treat your water.

make your swimming pool safer

You’ll use less water due to much less evaporation

A pool left open to the elements will have a significant amount of its water evaporate over time. Every drop of water that leaves your pool is money that’s coming out of your pocket. As you already know, putting a cover on your pool will significantly reduce evaporation. It’s also the most effective way to reduce evaporation because it prevents the water from being heated by the sun. That means it won’t need to evaporate as quickly.

You’ll save money on heating costs

Pool covers reduce the amount of water that needs to be heated. That means you’ll use less gas or electricity to heat it. It also means your heaters will work less, and that will help them last longer. Less evaporation means less need for heat. The end result is that you’ll spend less money on both heating costs and the cost of gas and other fuels.

Using a pool cover just makes sense. Yes, it does. A small investment in a pool cover will reap untold dividends in the long run. You’re almost sure to avoid future problems by using a pool cover. It’s the simple things that make a real difference, and you never know when your pool cover might save your water from becoming contaminated. It’s one of the simplest ways to keep your pool water clean.