Lower Speed Limits Mean Safer Roads

An Increase Of Five Miles Per Hour Results In 4% More Accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety took all of the crash data from the last 20 years and discovered that higher state speed limit result in a greater amount of driver and passenger deaths. Because states are able to determine what speed limits they’d like to have in place, there’s a great fluctuation between the speed you can travel from state to state. Overall the research showed that the states where you are allowed to travel over 55 miles per hour result in more vehicle accidents.

Had The 1995 Speed Limits Never Changed, There Would Have Been Nearly 2000 Less Deaths Per Year

One of the most fascinating results of the study discusses just how many accidents have been attributed to faster speeds. States have steadily increased their speed limit since the mid-90s because of federal restrictions changing frequently. Those that feel that Americans should increase Road speed limit believe that since drivers drive over the limit any speed increases match traveling pace with reality. But the result of speed limit increases is that people still continue to speed even with higher limits and place.

Lower Speed Limits Mean Safer Roads

Gordon & Doner believe that if you drive in a state that has a speed limit of 80 miles per hour or higher, there is a greater risk for you to be involved in an automobile accident. The conducted study shows that on average for every 5 mile per hour increase your risk of being involved in a crash on any road is four percent greater, and the likelihood you’ll be involved in a freeway accident increases by 8 percent. This information it’s something that lawmakers should consider when proposing speed limit increases as it seems that there are no plans to reduce speeds but only to increase them as time goes on.

Your Headlights Are Probably Failing You

Testing Shows That Your Headlights Are Probably Failing You

Driving at night is risky, since about half of the fatal accidents on the road occur at this time. New studies from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that the fact that you can’t see very far ahead of you while driving may not have anything to do with how well your vision is. In fact, there’s a chance that your vehicle’s headlights are to blame. Because of poor government regulation of headlights there’s a lot of variation in different car makes and models. depending on the car you have you might be at a greater risk to get in an accident at night because your headlights are working properly.

Only One Midsize Vehicle Had Good Headlight Ratings By The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The IIHS took vehicle headlights out of the laboratory and onto the road in order to test safety ratings. what they found is that in the midsize car category, most vehicle headlights are failing drivers. Testers measured how far ahead of a vehicle they could see on and straight and curved paths and curved gradual paths. they also tested what the headlights looked like from oncoming traffic to make sure that there was no glare, which can put other drivers at risk. they took a look at both high and low beams while measuring the distance that you can see an obstruction from the road. Surprisingly only one 2016 model made the cut.

Just Because You Pay More For A Car Doesn’t Mean That Your Vehicle Has Safer Headlights

There are 31 popular models of 2016 midsize vehicles. Because of the different customization options you have when selecting a new vehicle, there 82 different headlights possibilities for the 31 vehicles. Some vehicles have many varieties of headlights to choose from while other vehicles can only use a certain type of headlight. It turns out that the 2016 Prius was the only vehicle to get a good grade when it is upgraded to the LED lights. Expensive vehicles normally came with lights that didn’t improve driving function while some of the more affordable makes had the best headlight scores.

Car Accidents Aren’t Accidents At All

When a vehicle collides with something do you call it a car accident or a crash? legislators are pushing for legal language and for the public to drop the word accident since most automobile collisions are due to human error. This debate about semantics began with the death of a young boy who was killed after being hit by a car. The victim’s mother claims that this is not an accident and feels that the word accident make guilty parties seem less liable. Social activists and politicians seem to agree as they push for the use of car crash instead of car accident.

Car Accidents Aren’t Accidents At All

Experienced West Palm Beach car crash attorneys believe that when someone is liable in an automobile Collision, it’s no longer an accident but a crash. Less than 10% of vehicle collisions are accidental and come about because of road conditions and vehicle malfunctions. Now State officials are pushing for harsher language to describe what happens when a driver Is involved in a collision because of their risky choices. this comes at a time when the rate of deadly crashes half increase 8% over previous years.

A few states have already gone to change the language that is used an automobile Collision reports requiring that people use the word crash instead of accident. New York City and Nevada as well as major cities such as San Francisco passed legislation to call  automobile collisions crashes instead of accidents since the majority of cases these incidents are preventable. However not everyone is excited about the change because they feel like drivers are already used to the word accident and feel like calling unexpected vehicular events crashes will just confuse the general public. Do you believe that we should have a nationwide effort to have all reports call automobile collisions crashes or does the word accident convey the fact that the collision was avoidable in the first place?

Large vehicle recall started because of airbags

Around 3.2 million vehicles in the United States are being recalled by large manufacturer Nissan due to the fact that the airbag might not properly inflate during a crash the national highway traffic safety administration announced on Friday. Over the past couple years automakers have tried to fix the common airbag problems here in the United States and overseas increasing the amount of air bag recalls to the largest amount ever recorded. One of the main problems is that the detection system cannot determine whether there’s a passenger sitting in a seat if a child or small adult is sitting in it.

Because of this issue there have been three significant crashes where the passengers have incurred injuries Nissan explained. They however failed to mention whether children were involved in these crashes and the incidents are still not totally known by the public. The recall with Nissan Sentras begin in 2014 and extends to vehicles manufactured in 2013 through 2016. there is a risk that the airbag will go off when it’s smaller size passengers sitting in them which poses a significant risk to children a federal report claims.

Large vehicle recall started because of airbags

Many of Nissan’s most popular vehicles have been recalled including Infiniti models, Altima, Maxima, Pathfinder and many other makes. There was an investigation of whether this airbag defect properly been resolved by Nissan in which the response was to increase the amount of vehicles recalled by nearly 3 million. Gordon & Doner also claim that it’s possible that some dealerships don’t know how to handle the problem and might not yet be able to replace all of the malfunctioning airbags in Nissan vehicles. Although the malfunction is primarily reported in United States Nissan vehicles there are about .3 million Vehicles affected in the rest of the world. If you have a Nissan vehicle from the year 2013 to 2016 it’s recommended that you check the national highway traffic safety administration report to see if your vehicle is affected.

High chance that vehicle puts children at risk

A family in Texas was awarded nearly $125 million because a popular auto manufacturer never recalled a vehicle that would cost a fraction of the price to fix. Crash test footage shows that during a crash to the vehicle involved in the lawsuit there’s a possibility drivers in the front seat can get launched into the back seat area when hit from the rear. This results in very serious injury especially if there are young adults sitting in the backseat since they can get injured by drivers and passengers in the front seat.

This occurred to the family involved in the Audi lawsuit when they were involved in a rear end crash in 2012. The driver was launched to the back of the vehicle and rammed headfirst into his son. It resulted in serious injury including brain damage, vision impairment, and paralysis to the son. The victim of this crash is not expected to heal from his extensive injuries.

Even though there is evidence supporting the occurrence of this problem on a crash test video the defense team for Audi explained that the front seats were strong enough to withstand a rear end collision. They blame the crash on the father not properly following laws since he was not strapped to a seatbelt and his son was not placed in a booster seat even though the boy was only 7 years old. The child was also not wearing a seatbelt.

High chance that vehicle puts children at risk

There is some evidence that this issue is a lot more prevalent than first thought. A study in 2008 shows that with current standard vehicle front seats there is a high risk of injury to children if the seat is damaged in an accident. Car manufacturers say that the study does not conclusively show that there need to be new standards for car seats since the study didn’t have a large sample of participants.

Takata airbag recall increases to every major manufacturer

After the 11th fatal injury caused by vehicles that have Takata airbags the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is forcing 40 million more airbags to be recalled. This is already the largest airbag recall and history that impacted major manufacturers throughout the world. Now every single vehicle that ever used Takata airbags is being recalled, meaning that every single popular car maker has some level of defect. Gordon & Doner believe that because some vehicles had multiple airbag problems the amount of recalls are estimated to be less than 30 million.

Takata airbag recall increases to every major manufacturer

50 million vehicles throughout the world have some type of air back problem and about one and three US drivers now have to get the airbags in their vehicle fixed. It’s been difficult for Takata to make airbag inflators quickly enough to handle the necessary demand for the replacement part so certain manufacturers have begun turning to new sources in order to fix problems for their customers quickly. This major problem still remains since most of the vehicles from the previous recall have still not yet been fixed with some estimates showing that less than a third have been taken back to their manufacturers for repair.

Historically Takata has been in disbelief that their airbags had any problems but now the proof is evident. They ended up conducting tests on the airbags themselves to see what the real issue was but have not released a statement about why the problem occurs in the first place. Some regulators question whether car manufacturers with the malfunctioning airbags are doing everything in their power to replace the broken parts. Takata says that it is committed to safety and restoring confidence with its consumers. This comes at a time when it’s recently been revealed that Takata manipulated data so that customers wouldn’t worry about there being airbag problems.

National automobile fatalities warrant government response

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety administration has launched a Click It or Ticket campaign in order to reduce the amount of fatalities from automobile crashes. Although the amount of people who use seat belts has steadily been increasing throughout the years the amount of people who die from automobile accidents because they aren’t using the proper restraints has increased to over 50%. National Safety Regulators hope that this campaign will get people to understand the importance of wearing a seatbelt. National Data has shown that people who drive at night and men are more at risk of being killed during an automobile accident because  these two categories have lower seat belt use rates.

There’s no question about it – wearing your seatbelt saves your life if you are involved in a crash, claims a West Palm Beach car crash attorney. Police officers in Illinois are doing everything possible they can to share this information with American citizens. They are increasing the amount of tickets and the fines for people who neglect to wear a seatbelt. In Illinois nearly 94% of people wear their seatbelts every time they get into a vehicle but the other individuals who don’t are a risk to all passengers. Authorities suggest that no matter how far you’re going or at what time of day you’re traveling, that you remember to wear your seatbelt and remind your fellow passengers to do the same.

National automobile fatalities warrant government response

It’s estimated that over 10,000 American lives were saved because drivers and passengers wore their seatbelts in 2014. This amount is estimated to be around 60,000 people from 2010 to 2014 showing just how important it is that you wear your seatbelt. Click it or ticket won’t just be in Illinois it will also be enforced throughout the nation and includes radio and television advertising from May through June.

Can you trust your keyless automobile ignition system?

Reports have shown that keyless automobile ignition systems are more dangerous then keyed automobile ignition systems. This might come as a shock to Consumers who often think that newer technology increases safety. The safety group Kids and Cars has noted around 50 keyless ignition fatalities and close injuries. Basically what occurs is that people forget to turn off their vehicle when they pull into the garage and carbon monoxide builds up until it seeps into the home. It’s a lot easier to remember to turn off your car when you use a keyed system which is why keyed systems are seen as being safer.

A West Palm auto accident law firm believes that these incidents are going to be more mainstream in the future. There has been a dominant design belief that all cars of the future have keyless ignition systems. Keyless ignition is becoming very popular with automotives makers and a little under 300 different models have the ability to use this feature. Critics of keyless ignition vehicles believe that consumers aren’t well aware of the safety hazards of using keyless automobile ignition systems. Critics believe that manufacturers need to make light of the situation by explaining how important it is to remember to turn off your vehicle.

Can you trust your keyless automobile ignition system?

One family of 6 members had a very close call because of their keyless automobile ignition system where the whole family was rushed to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. This is an example of what can occur when you keep your car running accidentally as the best possible scenario. Unfortunately not enough Americans understand that this can happen and that carbon monoxide in your home is very dangerous. Regulators believe that there is a safety problem with keyless automobile ignition systems however they’ve done nothing in the past few years to actually solve the problem. Consumers are requesting an automatic shut-off feature for vehicles with keyless ignition as a response to stop potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Takata Airbag Recall Can Take Months

Some drivers are waiting months before their vehicles are being fixed because of the massive amount of recalls from faulty Takata air bags. Those who are unable to get their airbags replaced quickly are struggling to figure out how to get around during the month-long wait for repair. Many people, especially those under the age of 25 are having real difficulty finding an alternative to driving their recalled vehicle, which only puts more drivers at risk of serious injury.

Although some dealerships are lining up rental vehicles for those who have to wait months for their vehicle to be fixed, consumers complain that all dealerships need to be forced to offering credits for rental cars while the wait is so long. A West Palm Beach car crash law firm also noticed that there needs to be an alternative for drivers under the age of 25 and those with low insurance coverage or credit scores, because they’re often the ones who are unable to secure a rental vehicle in the first place.

Takata Airbag Recall Can Take Months & More Recalls Are Expected

The Takata air bag incident is the largest vehicle recall in United States history that American car owners cannot ignore. Takata airbag inflators were installed in 28.8 million vehicles and once the vehicle deploys the airbags as result of a crash, it can also cause metal shrapnel to propel into drivers and passengers. Over 100 people have already been injured by these faulty airbag inflators and ten have died in the United States alone. Even though this problem is very serious and the longer passengers wait, the more dangerous their vehicles become, a majority of defective car owners have not gotten their vehicles fixed.

There’s also a chance that Takata has to recall even more vehicles if they cannot prove that their newer inflators aren’t a safety risk. That could increase the years of vehicles recalled to cover model years 2000 to 2015 by 16 different automotive brands.

Proposed Bill in New York Gives Cops Cell Phone Access

Chances are that you’re aware of a breathalyzer, which monitors your blood alcohol level in the event that your are driving under the influence of alcohol. Now New York police officers want to use a similar device in order to determine whether someone was using their phone at the scene of a car accident. New York lawmakers have presented a bill that would make it possible to access cellphone records in order to protect people from others who make accident claims while they’re driving distracted. Civil liberties groups on the other hand believe that this “textalyzer” device will interfere with the cellphone privacy rights of United States citizens.

West Palm Beach car wreck lawyers are following the proposed bill closely, as if the bill passes, New York will be the first state in the nation to use a cell phone scanning device. The Distracted Operators Risk Casualties (DORCs) advocacy organization heavily supports the proposed bill, since they want to take preventative legal action to reduce and catch those who are involved in texting-related car accidents.

New York Proposed Bill Gives Cops Cell Phone Access, Sorta

Although there are privacy concerns about the proposed bill that allows access to cell phone information, Cellebrite, the Israeli technology company who invented the textalyzer device recently announced that the version used by New York state police would only be a scaled-back version of their phone-scraping technology that won’t give officers access to applications or conversations on the phone. The device will only be used to determine whether the phone was being operated at the time of an accident, with the ability to look further into whether the phone was being used when the police officer obtains a warrant to search the driver’s phone.

Although the company seeks to respect the privacy of drivers’ personal information without violating their rights, the bill includes language that gives law enforcement “implied consent” to testing drivers’ cell phones at the crash scene. This is not a violation of Fourth Amendment rights because no phone data will be taken from the technology, but some civil liberties groups are worried that these claims aren’t as accurate as people are being lead to believe.