Buying a Used Car From Car Dealers and Private Sellers

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When buying a used car from dealers or private sellers, several factors differ from buying a new vs. used car. This article will give you tips on how to research your purchase, how to find the best price for the vehicle, how to avoid scams and other pitfalls of this market, and what to expect when financing a purchase of used cars in tucson.

Step 1: What Kind of Vehicle Do You Want?

The first step you should take before purchasing any used car, whether from a dealer or a private seller, is to figure out exactly what you want. Do you want a luxury vehicle, a family car, or a sports car? Do you want to drive an American or foreign make and model? Figuring out precisely what you want will help in two ways: it will narrow down your list of options, and it will help you determine the best place to buy your used car. If you want a luxury vehicle that has impressive gas mileage, for example, then an option like a used SUV is probably not the right choice. If instead, you are looking for something like a smaller economy car with low miles and a few years on it, you could probably wait to purchase a private party instead of going through the hassle of dealing with auto dealerships.

Step 2: Research Your Purchase Online

Whether you plan to buy a used car from an auto dealership or a private individual, it’s always best to research before handing over any money. The first thing you should do is figure out the market value of your prospective purchase. This can be done by searching for prices of comparable vehicles in your area or by visiting websites that offer price quotes on used vehicle models. Try to learn the vehicle’s history (see our buyer’s guide below for more information on how to do this). Also, look into what the car might cost you in the long run once all costs are added up. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to do all this research, you can use an auto appraisal.

Step 3: How Can You Buy Your Car Paying Cash?

Auto financing is undoubtedly something to be considered when buying a used car; however, it is not everything. Regrettably, one of the biggest pitfalls of buying a used car through an auto dealership is that most dealerships will require that you finance your purchase using a traditional bank loan. Financing deals through a traditional bank loan often come with interest rates higher than normal, and if you do decide to go the used car loan route, then make sure you shop around and find the best deal.