Use this medication to treat your sleeping disorder:

the drug treating the ADHD

Some people have problem in performing their daily activities. They can’t pay attention in doing their work in their daily schedule. They are not able to organize their tasks and complete their work on time. They feel sleepy throughout the day and can’t concentrate in doing any work. Their listening skills are too poor and also don’t pay attention learning the things. Such people would have a problem called ADHD. It is called as the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They also have the problem of narcolepsy which is called as the sleeping disorder. Such problems are treated with the medication called Adderall. It is the combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. This combination works on the brain by changing certain substances in the brain. Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are the drugs that are stimulants. They help you to increase your ability for paying attention in any work you are performing. The drugs also help you for staying focused on every activity you perform in your day. The drugs alter the behaviour problems you are facing while you talk with your mates. The drug also make you to stay awake and treat the problem of sleeping disorder.

deficit hyperactivity disorder in children

Know the process of using the Adderall:

  • You need to take the guidance from your physician or pharmacist before you start the course of this medication. The pharmacist completely guides you the dosage and timings of your medication. You need to follow their instructions completely and start taking the medication.
  • The medication is taken through the oral route. This can be taken with or without food as per the instructions given by your doctor. The medication is taken one to three times for each day. The medication dosage can be changed according to the response of your body.
  • The first dose of the tablet is taken in the morning as soon as you wake up. Some times you are instructed to take more doses of tablets per day. The dosage of the tablets is decided by the doctor based on the severity of your disorder.
  • If more than three doses are advised by the doctor, you can take the tablets with the breaks of four to six hours. You should not take the tablet in the night or late evening and this make cause insomnia. You can’t sleep whole night when you don’t take the medication on time.


Follow the instructions of the doctor carefully for good results.