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Westword.com was born in 1977 when Denver in the West was booming. Thousands of baby boomers have fled the coastal region, mesmerized by the climate, the scenery, and the endless hopes of Coors. However, there is the following dilemma. Lots of young working people – not many people tell them what’s going on in this increasingly vibrant city. So, Westword.com arrives.

Denver is booming again today, welcoming the next generation of young people fascinated by the climate, the scenery, America’s tallest brewery, and the possibility of legitimate hemp. Every month, more than 1.6 million active users access westword.com and find articles on the hottest political scandals of the new group, including courageous reporting and polished writing, all from employees who have won the SigmaDelta Chi award from the Association of Professional Journalists. Xi GongxunNewsMedal won the Notable Writing Award.

Westword.com is currently part of the VoiceMedia group and rewards the city with live events such as WestwordMusicShowcase. WestwordMusicShowcase is Denver’s largest one-day music event, featuring national titles and Denver’s top local bands and highs. The fusion of style, hippo fashion, education, and health is inspiring. In August, Tacolandia featured Denver’s favorite dishes. In October, the menu expanded and became the centerpiece of the entire Denver Paste restaurant.

Even now, 40 years after its inception, it is the voice of a loyal Denver reader who greatly appreciates rigorous reporting in the West. There is better beer. So, www.westword.com has a first and last destination for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in Denver. However, the more chances there are, the more they remain unchanged. The weekly impression continues of a loyal reader’s passion for loyal readers held in college classrooms, cafes, corporate offices, and state capitals.

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The WestwordMasterMind Award was launched in 2005 to congratulate and encourage “aesthetic adventurers who are changing the cultural landscape.” This product includes unconditional cash grants.